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Please follow watersjourney!

Thank you to all the people who have recently reblogged my post from Mental Illness Awareness Week, last year, I really appreciate the interest and liking. 

However, I’ve also had several new followers because of it and I would like to say that I don’t update here any more. If you would like to keep up with me please follow watersjourney thank you!

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cloudstarwolf said: I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE BACK! omgosh! I was wondering about you guys but I admit I was a chicken shit about contacting you encase you were busy with life things. Good to hear from you again!

That is pretty well why I hadn’t emailed you because I was worried that you were super busy. Ah, neuroses! 

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Water's Journey

This is where I’m mostly hanging out on tumblr now. 

I was mostly doing my “ask-ami” blog and had linked munchkinism to that and so I wound up not posting much here or there because ask-ami was mostly Sailor Moon and I felt guilty whenever I wanted to post about something not Sailor Moon.

I’m hoping that opening it up to being not just Sailor Moon will enable me to be more chatty and also rekindle certain things inutition wise without pigeon holing myself anywhere such as being ALL D.I.D. or ALL Tarot or what-have-you. 

So, catch me there if you’d like! I’m going to be going through my follow list here over the next few days and seeing what’s what. 


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OMG—this post got eaten.

  1. cloudstarwolf said: it is the most jealous of the new toy! Good on you! :)
  2. lynball said: You have the same phone as me! Galaxy S II, right? I’m on Virgin Mobile too!


Okay, so I had this whole long thing and then it got EATEN. 

I think tumblr hates me on this handle now. 

I got locked out for a while. I thought I wasn’t really getting any replies here but it turns out I had at least these but I had switched the email address that was linked here and then that address died because it was linked to a domain. 


It is the Galaxy S II and it is on Virgin. I switched from Sprint to save money. The only reason I got the phone is because my Dad bought it me as an early birthday present. My contract expired around this time last month. 



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My new baby is here lol #virginmobile I may be a little excited. There seems to be something wrong with using the old #phone to take a picture of it’s successor

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Relaxer #cats #catpictures #caturday #squee and #emmitt

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Kebabs #shawarma style #bbq #food

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O coopted the grave stone I have inside for repairs. #Squee has decided it’s hers #cats #catpictures #caturday #halloween365

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Very #mercury #nails

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The lesser spotted sock #squee #cats #catpictures